Newport AOIT

The Academy of Information Technology (AOIT) is a three-to-four year course of study taught at Rogers High School in Newport, Rhode Island and is one of the programs offered through the Newport Area Career and Technical Center. The program has many fundamental goals. The first of these is to inspire and encourage students and to provide them with a sound foundation for future studies and careers in computer science, information technology or computer engineering. We acknowledge, though, that not all of our students plan on careers in these fields. Therefore, the program also serves as a technical and academic arena in which interested students can hone their procedural and problem-solving abilities as well as their logical thought processes. Finally, AOIT provides all students with research, writing and presentation skills that will serve them well during their years in high school, college, and beyond. Please dive into the “Geek Dynasty,” where it’s cool to be smart and to work hard.

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