Newport AOIT


The Students of AOIT I:

  • are instructed in advanced features of Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Access, a database program, culminating with a student-designed database.
  • learn to design Web pages using HTML (many samples are included within this Web site).
  • learn the fundamentals of computer architecture and how to take a computer apart, identify its components, and then put it back together again.
  • learn to work with several computer peripherals including digital cameras, video cameras, and scanners; as well as the interactive whiteboard, LCD projector, and a laptop computer. Click on this link to see the Technology Circuit in action.
  • work with a variety of software applications including VMWare, AutoCAD, Photoshop and Camtasia
  • learn to build and test Ethernet cables (CAT 5)
  • learn about a variety of Information Technology (IT) topics including: cyber security, digital forensics, cryptology, networking, computer maintenance, and specialized applications.
  • visit the War Gaming Department at the Naval War College and witness the cutting-edge technology used by the United States Navy.

Solid foundations in the programs of Word, Excel and PowerPoint are necessary in order to be successful in the AOIT program. All prerequisite skills are learned during Rogers High School's mandatory ninth grade course "Essentials of Computer Technology" or the equivalent.