Newport AOIT


AP Computer Science A

  • AP Computer Science A is programming in Java.
  • Great preparation for Computer Science or any engineering major in college.
  • Features Object Oriented Programming.
  • Can earn college credit with a passing AP exam score.
  • Will require summer reading and work outside of the classroom.
  • Students will understand the core aspects of computer science which you can use to create programming solutions that are reliable, understandable, adaptable, and when appropriate, reusable.
  • The design and implementation of computer programs to solve problems involve skills that are fundamental to the study of computer science. This includes the development and analysis of algorithms and fundamental data structures, and the use of logic and formal methods.
  • Students will learn to design and implement computer programs that solve problems relevant to today's society, including art, business, and engineering.
  • Students will apply programming tools and solve complex problems through hands-on experiences, examples and lab assignments.
  • See the inaugural AP Computer Science A class here.

AOIT III (Independent Study)

  • May study an IT topic of your choosing for 4 quarters.
    • Requires quarterly report of progress, evidence submission, video tutorial and updated digital portfolio.
    • Independent Study topics include, but are not limited to:
      • Game Development using Lumberyard by Amazon
      • Advanced HTML/CSS
      • 3D Animation in Blender or Maya
      • AutoCAD
      • Pixar in a Box
      • Advanced Photoshop
      • CompTIA A+ Certification (Hardware)
      • CompTIA Network+ Certification
      • CompTIA Security+ Certification
      • CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals Certification
      • iOS App Development in new 3-station Mac Lab
      • Android App Development
      • Advanced Javascript
      • Programming in Python, Ruby, Advanced C++, or other language of interest
      • Web art and animations using Cintiq 22HD Touch
      • And much more...
    • Earns Honors Level Credit
    • Will appear as AOIT 3 on your transcript.

Option 3

Students may do both. Students may take APCS A and do an Independent Study.