Newport AOIT


The Students of AOIT II:

  • spend the first quarter learning flowcharting and programming using the C++ programming language. Learning C++ is a great foundation for learning other languages, as so much knowledge learned in programming is transferable. In addition, learning to write computer programs enhances a student's logical thought process, a skill that will aid their studies in any chosen field.
  • learn elementary JavaScript, which leads to creating animations like this one by Owen Martin, inspired this one by Lilia Bohensky and Henry Rayner, both of which inspired this one by Eliza Taylor.
  • create mobile applications using the AppLab coding environment (by Stella Garcia). These apps are written in the JavaScript language learned earlier.
  • train and prepare for the three exams required to earn IC3 Certification. IC3 stands for Internet and Computing Core Certification. This certification indicates digital literacy and proficiency in the areas of hardware, software, operating systems, computer applications including Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint, as well as the effective use of the online world. Based on extensive research, IC3 reflects the foundational skills needed to excel in virtually all career fields and academic pursuits requiring computer proficiency. (Source:
  • create a digital portfolio which will be made available to colleges and to potential employers through this Web site.
  • explore Alice, the computer animation software developed by Randy Pausch and his Carnegie Mellon students, then create their own "world."
  • participate in Computer Science day at the University of Rhode Island.
  • visit the Information Systems Department of CVS Headquarters in Woonsocket, RI to see how the skills and proficiencies they are gaining in the classroom translate to the world of work.
  • earn course credit at Level 1 which is the equivalent of Honors/AP course weighting.

  • The "Hour of Code" has begun a groundswell of interest in learning to write code. You will find their informative and inspirational videos on the topic at: . Recently Facebook developed a video in their effort to do the same, "Understanding Programming: See What You Can Build". These videos demonstrate the demand for programmers due to the proliferation of programmable devices. AOIT has been successful in inspiring and encouraging students to fill these important roles.