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From any view, the Mac looks amazing. Once you take this 24 inch widescreen display screen out of the box, you will know that you have made the right purchase. Now the iMac is faster than ever, having NVIDIA included in every Mac. Now your games will run smoother and photos will load faster. The latest Intel Core 2 Duo processors run at faster speeds so you can run you applications faster and more efficiently than ever before.
20 inch 24 inch
Starts at $1,199.00 Vary from $1,499.00 to $2,199.00
Prices for the iMac vary according to the size of the screen and the amount of memory you want in your iMac.

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Have you ever wanted to own a Mac but you never wanted to get rid of your other peripherals? Then the Mac Mini is right for you. Not only you are able to keep some of your old peripherals, you are also able to place the Mac Mini on your desktop. That's right. You're able to replace your old pc tower that took so much space and place a 2-inch-tall, 6.5-inch square Mac on your desk or even take it anywhere you go. This Mac has everything that's inside the regular iMac so you don't have to worry about missing out on any features.
120 gb 320 gb
$599.00 $799.00

Are you not wanting to buy a Mac because you didn't like the idea that you would not be able to play around with the inside of the Mac? Apple created the Mac Pro. With the Mac Pro the interior is redesigned to make it easaier to do whatever you want in there. You don't have to worry about turning it onto its side to open. All you have to do is to remove the side panel and you have easy access to everything.
Quad-Core 8-Core
$2,499.00 $3,299.00