On June 14 1775 the United States Army was banded. Following the fallen Continental Army, the present day Army was created as means of enforced protection throughout the upcoming years. Currently the Army is the largest branch in the United States Armed Forces with 546,057 active. Including the Army reserves, there are over one million soldiers standing behind their branch of service. The Army specializes in land-based operations but can also be found in other fields. The mission of the United States is to keep our land free of danger while respecting national policies and national objectives.


Before you become a soldier there is something called BASIC TRAINING. All citizens willing to fight for their country must pass this test to become enlisted. During these weeks, recruits overcome many mental and physical obstacles. They learn to work together as a team and how to take care of themselves. Recruits will typically run between one to three miles a day depending on location and spend a minimum of four hours learning commands. As well as this, recruits spend time in the classroom and on the field improving all aspects of their being.