The Start-Up Story

Netflix actually has a pretty interesting start-up story, starting with its CEO Reed Hastings. Reed Hastings the CEO of Netlfix hasn't been a CEO his whole life, he started out selling vacuums door to door, and also attended Stanford. After college Hasting worked as a programmer in a small start-up. By 1991 Hasting was already a co-founder of Pure Software, a company that sold a debunker tool for engineers. After leaving Pure Software, Hastings and Marc Randolph founded Netflix in 1997 in Scotts Valley, California. The only thing that the two knew was that they wanted to sell something over the interent. then It hit Hastings when he was fined $40 on an overdue Apallo 13 movie he hadn't returned, and the rest is history.

What Does Netflix Do?

Netflix streams thousands of movies and shows, including many Netflix Originals such as Marvels Daredelvel, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Hemlock Grove, Bojack Horseman internationally. They also have a DVD and Blu-ray mailing system that ships a number of movies out by mail. Netflix comes at a very cheap price which is why It's so popular, you can choose from one of three plans basic, standard, and premium. the only difference between the three are HD that is only available for standard and premium. With premium you can also stream ultra HD, and have four screens streaming at the same time, while standard only has two and basic is left with only one. Netflix can be streamed through just about anything that connects to the internet such as laptops, TVs, phones, and tablets.


Netflix started out very small, and their biggest competitor at the time was Blockbuster. Netflix was a huge reason for Blockbusters huge down fall, Blockbuster has filed bankruptcy and sold itslef for about 290 million dollars. Netflix brought them down with their online video streaming when it was still fairly new at the time. Many people switched over to Netflix from Blockbuster, and the company soon went out of business. Today Blockbuster movies are like fossils thanks to Netflix and other movie streaming sites like Hulu Plus.


Netflix is public traded as a stock named "NFLX" and as of 2/2/16 12:12PM the Netflix stock is currently worth $91.55 per stock, and they are being traded on NASDAQ.